Content Creation Policy

We at Superplus love seeing creations from our Community. We wholeheartedly encourage our players to share their creativity with us and the rest of the Community!

In order to keep the Community safe and fair, there are a few guidelines we expect our Creators to follow.

Content Rules

  • Any form of content (image, video etc) can be created providing it follows the rules listed on this page.
  • In regards to monetization users are permitted to have advertisements on video platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. Any other form of monetization of our assets or games is prohibited including but not limited to

    - Merchandise
    - Game Assets
    - Artwork
  • Any content that promotes the illegal download, modification or hacking of the games is prohibited.
  • We reserve the right to take action against any content that violates any of the rules noted in this policy.
  • At no point can created content state that it is endorsed or approved by Superplus. All content must be deemed as fan made only.
  • Content must never impersonate Superplus or a member of the team.
  • Any violation of these rules may also result in the removal of any accounts within our games where applicable.

If you have received a strike, warning or ban on another platform due to a Superplus games piece of content and believe it is a mistake please reach out to us on our Support Email with as much information as you can so that we can investigate.