Simplicity is beauty. We believe that simplicity as a foundation is key for us to innovate and succeed.


Style does matter. We value aesthetics highly and want the rest of the world to see and enjoy it.


Special snowflakes! We strive for building our own path while learning from the ones made before us.


Kalle Mäkinen

CEO, Co-founder

Producer veteran with over 30 shipped titles during the last 10+ years. Experienced the growth of Rovio as the producer of Angry Birds, developed the AAA-title Ridge Racer Unbounded at Bugbear and made several mobile and Facebook hits at Digital Chocolate.

Responsible for product management, business development and daily operations.

Joonas Mäkilä

CCO, Co-founder

Joonas has been designing and creating visuals and audio for PC, console and mobile games at Rovio, Bugbear and Mountain Sheep during the last 11 years. He has contributed to over 35 titles, including the original Angry Birds and cult games such as the Flatout series.

Manages art and audio design.

Petteri Linnakangas

CTO, Co-founder

Like Kalle and Joonas, Petteri comes from Rovio where he built technology for several new Rovio titles and experiments in new IP department. He is a fast learner, a surgical and productive engineer who loves living on a challenge.

Handles the technological development of the company and its products.


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